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When should I visit Buenos Aires? What is the local currency? What is the rate of exchange in relation to the US dollar? How much will a night tour cost? At what time do porteños usually have their meals? What are the hours of shops and banks? What number should I dial if I have problems? Where can I obtain information on the city and tourist destinations in the interior of the country? Where are the tourist information centers located?

These and other useful tips for visitors, before and during their stay in the city, are provided

CURRENCY The Argentine currency is the "peso" ($). There are $ 100, $ 50, $ 20, $ 10, $ 5 and $ 2 notes, and 1, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10 and 0.05 cent coins.

The U.S. dollar (u$s) is the most common foreign currency. Banks and casas de cambio (currency exchange offices), where you must present your passport, exchange foreign currency. Shops accept credit cards and dollars.
RATE OF EXCHANGE The exchange rate in Argentina is convenient for the foreign tourist.

The main banking area is located in the so-called "city". This area comprises the first five blocks (numbered 100 to 500) of San Martin, Reconquista, 25 de Mayo, Sarmiento, Presidente Juan Domingo Peron and Mitre streets.

The U.S. dollar is accepted in most shops, but it is convenient to exchange them for pesos in "casas de cambio" or banks.
BANK SUBSIDIARY FOR TOURISTS  The Banco Ciudad bank has a tourist subsidiary where you can buy and sell dollars, euros and travelers checks, after the usual working hours.

Client Service Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm; Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm; Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm. Cashier desks are exclusively working for tourists service.

Requirement: Bear your passport.
Tourist Service Place: Banco Ciudad
Address: Subsidiary N° 53, Cordoba 675, Capital Federal.
ESTIMATED PRICE LIST Argentina offers tax exemptions to tourists. At the airport, and on departure day, you may request to be refunded the Value Added Tax (VAT) paid for articles purchased in shops having a sign reading: TAX FREE.
ACCOMMODATION 5 star hotel: double room: $ 850
4 star hotel: double room: $ 500
3 star hotel: double room: $ 180
2 star hotel: double room: $ 100
1 star hotel: double room: $ 65
Apart-hotel: $ 148 per appartment.
Inexpensive accommodation: $ 35 per guest.
MEALS Pizza (8 servings): $10 to $50
Pasta: $15 to $40
Parrillada (barbecue) for two persons: from $30
Empanadas (small meat pies): from $2 (per unit)
Ice creams: from $6; 1 kilo between $30 and $40
Tenedor libre (all-you-can-eat restaurants): from $15 (per person)
Breakfast at a confitería (patisserie): from $7 
TRANSPORTATION Bus: $0.90 (minimum fare)
Subway: $0.90 (flat fare)
Taxi: basic fare of $3.60 + 0.36 each 200 meters (220 yards). Average trip lasting 8 minutes: $8 to $10.
Trains: $0.65 (minimum fare)
Remise (limo service) (from Ezeiza airport to the Obelisk, down town): $46
Minibus (from Ezeiza airport to the Obelisk): $36
Car rental per day: $90 to $200
1 litre of gasoline (0.2 gallons): between $2.40 and $3 (1 u$d)
GOING OUT Movies: $ 8.00 to $ 12. On Wednesdays, all through the day and in all theaters, tickets cost half the price. Some theaters offer reduced prices on other days as well, and there also special theaters with tickets at around $ 5.
Concerts and music shows: $ 6 to $ 50 or more for performances by internationally acclaimed artists.
Fee for Colón Theater: $ 5 to $ 140
Fee for a soccer match: between $ 15 and $ 30 (local matches); $ 20 to $ 50 (international matches)
Admission to museums: free or fee ranging from $ 1 to $ 3.